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To: Members of the ANES Community
From: American National Election Studies
Re: ANES Announcement: Opening of the Online Commons
Date: March 16, 2006

ANES Announces the Opening of the Online Commons. Scholars can use it to influence the design of future studies.

On March 8, 2006, The American National Election Studies inaugurated the ANES Online Commons (OC). The goal of the OC is to improve the quality and scientific value of each of our data collections, to encourage the submission of new ideas, and to make such experiences more beneficial to, and enjoyable for, individual investigators.

The OC is a collection of proposal and message board web-pages designed to foster innovation and debate about the most effective ways to measure electorally-relevant concepts and relationships in upcoming ANES surveys. It is faithful to best practices in "open source" development, with the special adjustments made for the ANES.

The OC is open to anyone who wants to make a constructive contribution to the development of ANES data collections. Any Internet user can view the OC, but posting proposals, comments, or other study-relevant materials will require OC membership. To learn how to register, visit: