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April 26, 2007

Dear ANES User Community:

We're delighed to announce the full release of the 2006 ANES Pilot Study dataset and codebook. The Pilot Study data were previously made available in an "advance release." The full release features a nonresponse adjustment weight, additional auxillary variables (such as geocodes and derived variables to summarize other variables), data from 10 additional interviews conducted after the data processing for the advance release had begun, and more complete documentation.

Any analysis of ANES Pilot Study data that is intended for publication should be based on this full release, which replaces the advance release.

To download the 2006 ANES Pilot Study dataset, or to visit the study page and learn more about the survey, please visit our Data Center at

The 2006 ANES Pilot Study appears in the blue box to the left of the page, just under the ANES Cumulative Data File.

One noteworthy feature of the 2006 Pilot Study is that all of the Pilot Study respondents completed a pre-election interview in 2004. Many essential variables regarding the 2006 respondents (including basic demographics) are contained in the ANES 2004 time series data file (not to be confused with the 2004 ANES Panel Study). The 2004 time series file can be merged with the 2006 ANES Pilot Study for analysis. For more information, see the Pilot Study codebook introduction.

As always, we are happy to receive your questions and comments on all aspects of the ANES at


Matthew DeBell, Ph.D.
Director of Stanford Operations for the American National Election Studies Institute for Research in the Social Sciences Stanford University