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To:Friends of ANES
From:The PIs of the American National Election Studies
Re:An invitation to learn about exciting new research opportunities being offered by ANES
Date:August 22, 2007

You are cordially invited to attend a public meeting of the American National Election Studies at the APSA annual meeting in Chicago!

We have a variety of new and exciting topics to update you on, including:

  • outcomes of the 2006 Pilot Study
  • a number of recent and upcoming research conferences that have ANES ties
  • up-to-the-minute developments regarding the 2008-2009 Panel Study (which begins data collection in January)
  • the imminent opening of the Online Commons for content proposals for the 2008 Time Series Study
  • the implementation of a Bonus Minutes and Complementary cases program for the 2008 Time Series Study

We will also report on collaborations with the Department of Homeland Security, National Longitudinal Surveys, University of Texas, and University of Washington that may result in rich new content and analytical opportunities for ANES users.

After the updates will be a session where you are welcome to comment and pose questions of the PIs, Board of Overseers, and staff.

The public meeting is scheduled for 10am on Saturday, September 1st. We have been told that the location is to be the Hyatt hotel, in room Stetson G, but please check the program when you arrive in case of a location change.

We hope you can be there!

Jon A. Krosnick and Arthur Lupia
ANES Principal Investigators