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There are only 70 days left to propose content for the 2008 American National Election Studies (ANES) Time Series Study! In this study, pre-election and post-election interviews will be collected face-to-face with a new, nationally-representative sample, continuing the ANES presidential year time series that has been conducted since 1948.

Content for the 2008 ANES Time Series Study will be from three sources:
1. previous ANES Time Series questionnaires; 2. proposals received via the ANES Online Commons (; and 3. proposals received via the ANES Bonus Minutes program.

For more information, visit the "Study Description" link in the header of the Online Commons. While you are visiting the Online Commons, you may be interested to read and comment on the first three proposals that we have received:

- "Native Born or Naturalized Americans"
- "Monetary Recruitment and the Rise of Internet Fundraising"
- "Interviewer-coded items"

Also, for the first time, ANES is allowing interested persons to purchase space on the survey through our "Bonus Minutes" program. Persons who purchase this space can, subject to proposal review procedures, guarantee that topics and questions of their choosing are covered on the 2008 survey. The funds raised from the Bonus Minutes program will not only purchase space for the requested questions, but also permit the ANES to provide more public goods such as the ability to accept even more proposals from the Online Commons than we currently anticipate. For more information, visit the "Bonus Minutes program" link in the header of the Online Commons.

IMPORTANT: Both Online Commons and Bonus Minutes proposals are due no later than JANUARY 15, 2008. Again, that is only 70 days away!

If you have questions, we'd be glad to help - please contact us by email to:

We look forward to your proposals!