To:ANES Mailing List
From:Jon Krosnick and Skip Lupia
Re:Only 35 days left to propose questions!
Date:December 11, 2007

There are only 35 days left to propose questions for inclusion on two American National Election Studies (ANES) projects!

... You may submit a proposal for questions to be included in the 2008 ANES Time Series face-to-face presidential election study (the latest in a series of surveys dating back to 1948) - the deadline is January 15. You can propose changes to the ANES "core" questions that are usually included in the survey, and you can propose to ask new questions that have not been asked before. These proposals will be evaluated in a competition, and some of the proposed questions will be included in the survey.

... You may propose to assure that specific new questions are asked on the 2008 ANES Time Series study by paying for them through our new "Bonus Minutes" program. This program allows you to purchase the interview time necessary to ask specific questions during the ANES interviews. Such proposals are due on January 15.

... You may propose specific questions about terrorism, natural disasters, risk perception, and preparedness, to be included on our 2008-2009 ANES Panel Study (being conducted on the Internet) and/or the 2008 ANES Time Series study. Such proposals are due January 15.

Question proposals for these initiatives will only be accepted via the ANES Online Commons - please go to its website to get information about these opportunities and learn how to submit proposals:

We look forward to hearing from you!

Jon Krosnick and Skip Lupia
Principal Investigators
American National Election Studies (ANES)

ANES is funded by the American National Science Foundation (NSF).