To:ANES Mailing List
From:Jon Krosnick and Skip Lupia
Re:The 7-day Comments Period Has Begun
Date:January 16, 2008

Today begins the 7-day period in which you can help us evaluate the many new proposals that have been put forward for upcoming American National Election Studies (ANES) surveys.

Between now and January 22, we ask that you make a small, but important contribution to the quality of the 2008 ANES surveys by offering advice that we and the proposals authors' can use to increase the effectiveness of our questionnaires. We are most interested in comments that can increase the range of hypothesis tests in which particular questions can be used.

At the end of this letter are the lists of the proposals we have received. You can read the full proposals in the Online Commons at:

If you can comment on even one of these proposals, it will help future users of the ANES a great deal.

Please note that at the conclusion of the one-week comment period, proposal authors will then have an additional week to revise their proposals in response to any comments that you offer. So this is a moment where your advice can make a big difference. In addition, the ANES PIs and Board of Overseers will make extensive use of your comments when they select questions for inclusion on the survey.

All comments must be made through the Online Commons. If you would like to make a comment and are not yet an OC member, signing up is easy. All it takes is filling out a simple form at:

The new 2008 ANES Time Series Study has the potential to help scholars examine electoral dynamics in an unprecedented way. Please take a moment to help ANES make the most effective use of this great opportunity.

We hope you will take advantage of this opportunity to make a productive contribution to the development of the ANES surveys.

We look forward to hearing from you!


Jon A. Krosnick and Arthur Lupia
Principal Investigators


01. "Native Born or Naturalized Americans" by user "Jimbo"
02. "Monetary Recruitment and the Rise of Internet Fundraising" by users "Wiley" and "pollock"
03. "Interviewer-coded items" by user "clawson"
04. "From Online Newspapers to YouTube: Examining Exposure to Internet Sources´┐Ż" by users "ttowner" and "ddulio"
05. "Religion and Electoral Behavior" by users "mockabee", "kenwald" and and "dleege"
06. "Three ideas: titles, turnout modeling, cell phone users" by user "spinkus01"
07. "General Incentives Models of Turnout: ANES & BES" by user "hclarke01"
08. "Political Alienation" by users "javeline" and "bairdv"
09. "The Role of Collective Political Efficacy" by users "Markmann", "Constanzebeierlein", "Preiser" and "Wermuth"
10. "Internet Blog Usage and Political Participation" by user "rlreed"
11. "Why Do Parties Distribute Particularistic Goods?" by users "jordangansmorse", "sebastian.mazzuca" and "nichters"
12. "Character Judgments and Voting Behavior" by user "dcm23"
13. "Threat Perceptions and Charisma" by users "merolla" and "ejzech"
14. "A Better Way to Measure Prospective Economic Evaluations" by users "KMichelitch", "marco_morales", "andrewowen" and "jtucker"
15. "Measuring Knowledge and Attitudes about the Electoral College" by users "ShaunBowler", "ToddDonovan" and "karpjeffrey"
16. "Independents, Leaners and Partisanship" by users "ShaunBowler", "ToddDonovan", "karpjeffrey" and "DavidLanoue"
17. "Including 'Propensity to vote' questions in the ANES time series" by users "Franklin" and "SamAbrams"
18. "Wealth and Electoral Behavior" by user "tdeluca"
19. "Issue Scales in the 2008 Election Study" by users "stuart" and "rabinowitz"
20. "Understanding Trust in Government" by users "nes user" and "dlplane"
21. "Systematic Misrepresentation of Political Polarization" by users "andrewgelman", "david.chungpark" and "ejuliast"
22. "Gender and Race in American Elections" by users "kdolan" and "Kira Sanbonmatsu"
23. "Election Integrity" by user "HeleniT"
24. "Civic Skills and Contacting" by users "Verba", "Schlozman" and "nburns"
25. "Institutional Legitimacy in the United States" by users "legitimacy", "MargaretLevi" and "audreysacks"
26. "Effects of decision to vote on other household members" by user "cfinn"
27. "Measuring Commitment to Economic Equality" by user "suhay"

01. "Cognitive and Affective Partisanship" by user "klofstad"
02. "Media Use Measures for the ANES 2008 Time Series Study" by users "salthaus" and "tewksbur"
03. "Moral Foundations Questions" by users "aperrin" and "vaisey"
04. "Internet User Definitions and New Communications Channels" by user "EvansWitt"
05. "Measuring Issues with Open-Ended Questions" by user "RePass"
06. "Measuring Attitudes toward Candidates" by user "RePass"
07. "Gender and Race in American Elections" by users "kdolan" and "Kira Sanbonmatsu"
08. "Method of Registration and Its Impact on Turnout" by users "ReneeParadis" and "kahlilw"
09. "Proposal to Modify ANES 2008 Items" by user "Prysby"

01. "Religious Identity" by users "bphillips" and "Saxe"
02. "Race, Gender, and Policy" by users "nburns" and "DRK"

01. "Items used in TESS survey and/or Palestinian survey for consideration for ANES" by users "Moskalenko" and "cmccaule"
02. "Collective Memory of 9/11 and Public Opinion of Counter-Terrorism:" by user "cbail"
03. "Public attitudes about terrorism, natural disasters, risk perception and preparedness" by user "Bill8008"
04. "Fear of crime and terrorism as it relates to political affiliation and voter turnout" by users "fayewachs" and "stacymcgoldrick"
05. "Emotional Responses to Potential Threats" by user "hlench"
06. "Public attitudes towards technology and perception of terrorist attacks" by users "hbalyssa" and "kbuerkle"
07. "Individual and Government/Emergency Preparedness" by user "Keith"
08. "Proposed National Survey Question" by user "rejali01"
09. "Political views and funding homeland security policy" by users "carolm" and "Kerry Smith"