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ANES: Online Commons Deadline extension and APSA Public Meeting
August 16, 2011

The deadline to propose questions for inclusion on the ANES 2012 Time Series Study and the fourth survey of The 2010-2012 Evaluations of Government and Society Study has been extended. Proposals will now be accepted until 3:00p.m. EDT, September 13 and should be sent to anes-proposals@electionstudies.org. Members of the Online Commons community are encouraged to visit the Online Commons at any time to comment on proposals. The Deadline to provide comments has been extended to September 15, 2011. The deadline for revisions to proposals is now 3:00p.m. EDT on September 22, 2011.

In changing some of the procedures and evaluation criteria from our predecessors, we are seeing higher acceptance levels of the concepts and questions that are being proposed. We encourage you to take this opportunity to help shape the studies of the ANES. To review the initial announcements and for additional information about the studies and how to submit a proposal, please visit: http://www.electionstudies.org/

We would also like to invite you to attend a public meeting of the American National Election Studies at the APSA annual meeting in Seattle! We will be providing updates on all aspects of the project including the Online Commons, the EGSS studies, and the Time Series study. The public meeting is scheduled for 10am on Saturday, September 3rd. We have been told that the location is to be the Washington State Convention Center, Room 210, but please check the program when you arrive in case there is a location change.

Vincent Hutchings

Simon Jackman

Gary Segura

ANES Principal Investigators