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Open Position: ANES Research Associate I

Job Description:
Assist in data and documentation processing, archival operations, and study preparation for the National Election Studies (ANES). ANES is a national resource program of survey research located in the Center for Political Studies at the Institute for Social Research; ANES also serves as the secretariat for the Comparative Study of Electoral Systems (CSES), a cross-national research effort focused on the study of electoral systems in their various stages and settings. Responsibilities include: conduct complex data and documentation processing, in the SAS and Microsoft Access software packages in order to create the study datasets and codebooks; help develop and coordinate dataset parameters throughout all study phases; propose and implement quality control procedures for data processing operations; create and maintain various databases and create products as output from those databases (html-marked up codebooks, frequency tables to be served on the ANES website, etc.); assist in the review and testing of the survey instruments (computer-assisted interviewing programs); provide thorough documentation for the data and the data processing operations; serve as a liaison to members of the ANES research community by responding to requests for routine data runs and special access datasets; provide technical support to the research community for questions related to data quality; assist in the development and maintenance of the ANES archive of studies and study materials (hardcopy and electronic); assist in the creation of Technical Reports which analyze ANES survey operations and data quality; assist in the creation of new ANES resources and products; provide other data support services as needed.

NOTE: Position could be filled between 30 - 40 hours per week, depending on candidate's needs.

Necessary Qualifications:
Bachelor's degree in a social science or other relevant field or an equivalent combination of education and experience; at least one year of experience in data processing or archiving of a complex nature; experience using a major social science data processing software package, preferably SAS; extensive computing skills in the Windows environment, particularly with database applications (preferably Microsoft Access); excellent communication skills, both oral and written, in the English language; attention to detail; strong organizational skills; excellent interpersonal skills; and the ability to work both as part of a team and individually while meeting deadlines in a multi-tasking environment.

Desired Qualifications:
Two to three years experience processing complex survey data, including the cleaning and merging of datasets from multiple sources; knowledge of survey research principles and practices; knowledge of political science, including the electoral and comparative fields; experience with data analysis and report writing; extensive knowledge of the SAS and Access computer programs; knowledge of html; knowledge of respondent confidentiality regulations; experience providing technical assistance to academic researchers.