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To: Members of the ANES Research Community
From: Nancy Burns and Donald R. Kinder
Re: ANES 2002 Advance Release is Now Available
Date: February 28, 2003

We are pleased to be contacting you regarding three matters:

1. An advance release of the NES 2002 study dataset is now available for download from the NES webpage at From the main page, choose "Download Data and Codebooks for Free" from the left column, register, and look under "Time Series Studies". ANES Advance Releases are intended to be very timely - in order to achieve this, they lack some of the processing, documentation, and variables that are usual to the Full Release of a dataset. In ANES 2002, for instance, weights will not be available until the Full Release. Users who choose to work with the Advance Release will want to set up their programming so that they can check their results using the Full Release of the dataset when it becomes available.

2. ANES has agreed to host and maintain a webpage that archives the 2000 Florida Ballot Project. The Florida Ballot Project was an effort to catalog the contents of 175,010 Florida ballots that did not register a vote for president of the United States in November 2000. Data collection was conducted by NORC, with a consortium of news organizations providing funding. The webpage can be found at address

3. For those of you that are not familiar with their organization, ICORE is the "International Committee for Research into Elections and Representative Democracy," and they publish a free newsletter on topics related to election studies across the world. While ICORE is not officially associated with ANES, we thought some of you might like to know that you can be notified when their newsletters are available by filling out their online form at web address

Thank you for your support of the ANES!

Nancy Burns Donald R. Kinder
Principal Investigator Co-Principal Investigator
National Election Studies National Election Studies