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Conference on Congressional Election

October 27-28, 1977 University of Rochester

This was the first in a series of research conferences organized by the Board in its effort to being ideas, interests and talents of particular segments of the larger research community to bear on the studies of elections and electoral behavior conducted biennially by the Center for Political Studies. The conference was in many ways experimental, designed to implement the Board's mandate to serve as a bridge between the Center and the research community and to orient the conferees to the opportunities for expanded research on congressional elections. The purposes of the conference were essentially two: First, to explore what degree of consensus might exist among the conferees, as representatives of the research community, with regard to needs and priorities in the field of congressional elections research; and, second, to suggest long-term steps that might be taken in the congressional elections field following the 1978 election.

Memo from the ANES Board Chair, Heinz Eulau

Memo on Congressional Elections
by Richard F. Fenno and Edward Tufte