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Conference on Party Identification

February 22-24, 1978
Florida State University

Tallahassee, Florida

The Board of Overseers of the National Election Studies, supported by a National Science Foundation grant to the University of Michigan's Center for Political Studies, held its third research conference, on the Concept of Party Identification. This conference, like previous conferences, was designed to elicit suggestions for improvements and changes in the questionnaire and design of the Center's biennial election studies. In attendance was a diverse group of political scientists and sociologists selected by the board whose memoranda helped in setting the agenda for the conference. The conference was divided into four working sessions. The major themes from these sessions included discussions on the conceptualization of party identification, on the measurement of party identification, broader questions of measurement and research design and future studies.

Memorandum for a Conference on Party Identification, pdf
by Kristi Andersen and Heinz Eulau

Memorandum of Interest pdf
by Herb Ascher

Memorandum of Interest pdf
by Paul Allen Beck

Conceptual Problems in Theory and Measurement of Party Indentification pdf
by Richard A. Brody

The Strengthening of Party Identification: A Note on Conceptual Clarification pdf
by William Claggett

Memorandum of Interest pdf
by Jack Dennis

Party Identification as a Bayesian Prior: Some Suggestions Toward a Synthesis of Recent Research Perspectives pdf
by Bernard Grofman and A.J. Mackelprang

Memorandum on the Meaning and Measurement of Partisan Identification pdf
by Randall Guynes and Jerry Perkins

Party and the American Electorate pdf
by John E. Jackson

The Character, Role, and Significance of Party Identification pdf
by J. Paul Johnston

The Dimensionality of Party Identification and the Meaning of Independence pdf
by Richard S. Katz

Party Identification From a Symbolic Interaction Perspective pdf
by David Knoke

Memorandum of Interest pdf
by Richard G. Niemi

The Adoption of Party Identification Abroad: Review and Suggestions pdf
by Helmut Norpoth.

Memorandum of Interest pdf
by Gerald M. Pomper and Stephen Salmore

Memorandum of Interest pdf
by Steven Rood

Memo on Conceptual Problems Regarding "Party Identification pdf
by Phil Shively

The Partisan Identification Question: An Invalid Measure of Parisanship pdf
by John R. Van Wingen and David Valentine

Memo on Party Identificationpdf
Herb Weisberg