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2000 Florida Ballots Project
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      - Datavote Ballots
      - Optical Scan Ballots
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Ballot Types

Datavote ballots are cards upon which voters make selections by pressing a lever that punches out the chads mechanically.

Optical scan ballots are used by the majority of counties in Florida. These ballots require that voters fill in the oval or complete the arrow that corresponds to his/her vote for a candidate or issue. The ballots are then fed into an optical scanner that reads and tallies the selections electronically.

Paper Ballots are used by only one county in Florida. These ballots require that the voter mark an "X" in the box next to the selected candidate's name.

Votomatic ballots are used by the majority of voters in Florida. These ballots consist of a card upon which votes are tallied by "punching out" chads manually.

Coders went into every county in Florida. The coders examined ballots and coded them on specially designed, triplicate coding forms. The coders were not allowed to confer on their coding of the ballots.