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2000 Florida Ballots Project
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Votomatic Ballot Images

[Click on an image to see the full picture in a new window.]

Votomatic Ballot Image 1 This votomatic ballot is placed on a light box. The resulting image reveals five complete chad punches and several dimples with sunlight.

Votomatic Ballot Image 2 This image is an example of a hanging chad.

Votomatic Ballot Image 3 The use of a colored background behind this votomatic ballot helps to identify fully punched chads.

Votomatic Ballot Image 4 On this votomatic ballot from Broward County, the voter has indicated vote choices with a pen rather than punching out the chads manually as instructed. As a result, this ballot is considered an undervote.

Votomatic Ballot Image 5 This image is another undervote. Here, the votomatic ballot is considered an undervote because the voter failed to punch out the chads; rather, the voter punched on the borders surrounding the chads.

Votomatic Ballot Image 6 This votomatic ballot form requires that the voter manually punch out the chads corresponding to his/her vote selection. This particular example shows one fully punched chad, as well as a dimpled chad.