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Comments Data File

The Comments Data File may be downloaded here:

  • ASCII dataset and SAS statements (ZIP file)
  • SAS (SD2) dataset (ZIP file)
  • SPSS (SAV) dataset (ZIP file)
  • Note: There is no frequencies list for this file.

    The Comments Data File is a ballot-level file containing all comments made by coders during the coding of ballots. The data file contains one record for each ballot for which at least one of the three coders recorded a comment; 5,407 ballots had at least one coder comment and are contained in this file. The comments data can be linked to the full data files (RAWDATA and ALIGNED) by the variable BALNUM, the unique ballot identifier. The comments data file contains this linking variable, BALNUM, along with fields for comments from the three coders, COMMENT1 (comment from coder 1), COMMENT2 (comment from coder 2), and COMMENT3 (comment from coder 3). One, two, or all three of the comment fields may be filled for each ballot.