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2000 Florida Ballots Project
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        - Coder Demographic Data
        - Recode Data
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        - Media Readme (Text file)
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        - Tabulator Program (ZIP file)
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        - Ballot Image Data

Coder Demographic Data File

The Coder Demographic Data File may be downloaded here:

  • ASCII dataset and SAS statements (ZIP file)
  • SAS (SD2) dataset (ZIP file)
  • SPSS (SAV) dataset (ZIP file)
  • Frequencies (Text file)

    The Coder Demographic Data File contains the results of a questionnaire given to each coder employed by NORC for the Florida Ballot Project. This file contains one record for each coder and includes information such as the sex, marital status, age, income level, ethnicity, and political affiliation of each coder. The ID field contains the identification number of the coder which can be used as a link to the raw and aligned data files.