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2000 Florida Ballots Project
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    - NORC Files
        - NORC Readme (Text file)
        - Raw Data
        - Aligned Data
        - Coder Demographic Data
        - Recode Data
        - Comments Data
        - Orange County Data
        - NORC Data Layouts (ZIP file)
    - Media Group Files
        - Media Readme (Text file)
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        - Voting Results (ZIP file)
        - Media Group Data (ZIP file)
    - Florida Ballot Tabulator
        - Tabulator Readme (Text file)
        - Tabulator Program (ZIP file)
    - Ballot Image Files
        - Image Readme (Text file)
        - Image Readme (Word file)
        - Ballot Image Data

Recode Data File

The Recode Data File may be downloaded here:

  • ASCII dataset and SAS statements (ZIP file)
  • SAS (SD2) dataset (ZIP file)
  • SPSS (SAV) dataset (ZIP file)
  • Frequencies (Text file)

    The Recode Data File provides second codings for 2,232 ballots in the full (raw or aligned) database. At random intervals, after coding a group of ballots, the coders were instructed to recode the same ballots as a check on intra-coder reliability (or consistency within a coder). These second codings, or recodes, are contained in the recode data file. This file can be linked to the full aligned data file by the variable BALNUM, the unique ballot identifier. The recode data file provides this linking variable, BALNUM, along with data fields identical to those in the aligned data file, including variables with codings for each presidential candidate, U. S. Senate candidate, and additional ballot data. (Ballot header information, such as county, precinct, ballot type, and coding date, are not included in this file because they are identical to those provided in the aligned data file and can be obtained through a merge.) The differences in variable names between aligned and recode data are as follows: In the aligned file, all variables coded by coder 1 end in the suffix "C1," variables coded by coder 2 in the suffix "C2," and variables coded by coder 3 in the suffix "C3." In the recode data file, the variables end in "R1," "R2," and "R3," respectively, to indicate that they are recoded values.