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Join the ANES Research Community

The ANES research community includes approximately 2600 social scientists, educators, students, journalists, and others from across the United States and around the world. The Principal Inverstigators, the ANES Board, and project staff communicate with the research community several times a year to notify users of the imminent release of new data sets, to issue calls for pilot study content, to share Board recommendations about the "core" time series questions to be included in a forthcoming election study, and most importantly, to seek advice and recommendations from those who use the ANES data.

To Join the List

If you are not on the ANES mailing list and would like to be notified about forthcoming data collections, the release of ANES data, or about opportunities to participate in ANES activities, please complete the following form. (If your browser does not support forms, send your name and email address to anes@electionstudies.org, or contact the project staff at 734-764-5494.)

The contact information you provide below will be used only for ANES mailings and will not be sold or shared with other organizations.

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