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Religion of Respondent (3), 8 categories 1990-1996

  '90 '92 '94 '96
Mainline Protestant : 24 24 24 22
Evangelical Protestant : 33 32 31 33
Black Protestant Church : 1 1 1 1
Catholic : 25 24 24 26
Jewish : 2 2 2 2
Non-traditional, Orthodox: 1 2 3 2
Non-Christian/Non-Jewish : 0 1 1 1
None : 13 14 14 13
N   1964 2473 729 1698

Table 1B.1c
Source: The American National Election Studies
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1990-later:(IF R ATTENDS RELIGIOUS SERVICES:) "Do you mostly
attend a place of worship that is Protestant, Roman Catholic,
"Regardless of whether you now attend any religious services do you
ever think of yourself as part of a particular church or
denomination?" (IF YES:) "Do you consider yourself Protestant,
Roman Catholic, Jewish or what?"
(IF BAPTIST:) "With which Baptist group is your church associated?
Is it the Sourthern Baptist Convention, the American Baptist
Churches in the USA, the American Baptist Association, [1992-
later: the National Baptist Convention USA,] an Independent Baptist
church or some other Baptist group?" (IF INDEPENDENT BAPTIST:)
"Are you affiliated with any larger Baptist group or is this
strictly a local church?"
(IF LUTHERAN:) "Is this church part of the Evangelical Lutheran
Church in America, the Missouri Synod, or some other Lutheran
(IF METHODIST:) "Is your church part of the United Methodist
Church, African Methodist Episcopal, or some other Methodist group?"
(IF PRESBYTERIAN:) "Is this the Presbyterian Church in the USA or
some other Presbyterian group?"
(IF REFORMED:) "Is this the Christian Reformed Church, the Reformed
Church in America, or some other Reformed group?"
(IF BRETHREN:) "Is this the Church of the Brethren, the Plymouth
Brethren, or what?"
(IF CHRISTIAN OR JUST CHRISTIAN:) "When you say 'Christian' does that
mean the denomination called the 'Christian Church (Disciples of
Christ),' or some other Christian denomination, or do you mean to
say 'I am just a Christian?'"
(IF CHURCH OR CHURCHES OF CHRIST:) "Is this the Church of Christ or
United Church of Christ?"
(IF CHURCH OF GOD:) "Is this the Church of God of Anderson Indiana,
the Church of God of Cleveland Tennessee, the Church of God in
Christ, or some other Church of God?"
(IF HOLINESS OR PENTECOSTAL:) "What kind of church is that? What is
it called exactly? Is that part of a larger church or
denomination? What is that church called?"
(IF OTHER:) "What is it called exactly? Is that church part of a
denomination? Is that group Christian?"

NOTE: The recode used to construct this summary also incorporates
responses to the following questions: (1) frequency of church
attendance; (2) self-classification of Christian religious
identity (fundamentalist, evangelical, charismatic or spirit-
filled, moderate to liberal, other); (3) do Christian respondents
consider selves 'born again.'
The full set of questions used in the recode were no longer
available after 1996.

This question is variable VCF0128B in the ANES Cumulative Data File dataset.
Consult the Cumulative Data File codebook for complete question text and annotation.
Weight variable VCF0009z was used to produce this table (see weight documentation)

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