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Open Housing 1964-1976

  '64 '66 '68 '70 '72 '74 '76
Whites Keep Blacks Out: 26 32 22 20 16 ** 8
Blacks Right to Choose: 57 50 68 70 76 ** 85
Don't Know, Depends : 17 18 10 10 8 ** 7
N   1561 1282 1551 886 2696   2851

Table 4B.7
Source: The American National Election Studies
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1964,1968-1972,1976: "Which of these statements would you agree with:
1. White people have a right to keep Negroes out of their
neighborhoods if they want to
2. Negroes have a right to live wherever they can afford to, just
like anybody else"
1966: "Some people say that Negroes should be allowed to live in any
part of town they want to. How do you feel? Should Negroes be allowed
to live in any part of town they want to, or not?"

Graph of Response:

Percent among demographic groups who responded:


This question is variable VCF0819 in the ANES Cumulative Data File dataset.
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