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Abortion (1) 1972-1980

  '72 '74 '76 '78 '80
Never Permitted : 11 ** 11 10 10
Health in Danger : 46 ** 44 43 44
Personal Difficulty: 17 ** 16 16 18
Always Permitted : 24 ** 26 26 27
Don't Know, Other : 3 ** 4 4 3
N   2692   2378 2281 1400

Table 4C.2a
Source: The American National Election Studies
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"Which one of the opinions on this page (1972: card) best agrees with
your view?"
1. Abortion should never be permitted.
2. Abortion should be permitted only if the life and health
of the woman is in danger.
3. Abortion should be permitted if, due to personal reasons,
the woman would have difficulty in caring for the child.
4. Abortion should never be forbidden, since one should not
require a woman to have a child she doesn't want.

Graph of Response:

Percent among demographic groups who responded:


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