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Have Economic Policies of Federal Government Made Things Better/Worse 1984-1996

  '84 '86 '88 '90 '92 '94 '96
Made Better : 36 25 20 ** 4 18 23
No Difference: 41 52 57 ** 52 67 60
Made Worse : 22 23 23 ** 44 16 17
N   2077 1993 1895   2392 1727 1672

Table 4E.5
Source: The American National Election Studies
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(1988,1992-later: "Over the past year) Would you say that the economic
policies of the federal government have made the nation's economy
better, worse, or haven't they made much difference either way?"
(IF BETTER/WORSE:) "Would you say the economy is much better/worse or
somewhat better/worse?"

Graph of Response:

Percent among demographic groups who responded:


This question is variable VCF9044A in the ANES Cumulative Data File dataset.
Consult the Cumulative Data File codebook for complete question text and annotation.
Weight variable VCF0009z was used to produce this table (see weight documentation)

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