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Government Responsiveness Index 1964-2012

  '64 '66 '68 '70 '72 '74 '76 '78 '80 '82 '84 '86 '88 '90 '92 '94 '96 '98 '00 '02 '04 '08 '12
Average Score on Index : 67 78 62 61 60 55 55 58 51 34 52 ** 51 ** 55 ** 55 55 57 71 61 68 53

Table 5C.3
Source: The American National Election Studies
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Graph of Average for:

Percent among demographic groups who responded:

NOTE: The Government Responsiveness Index is constructed as follows:
Variable 622 (Table 5C.1) and variable 624 (Table 5C.2) are recoded:
Not Much=0, Some=50, A Great Deal=100.
These new scores are then totaled (Don't Know is not scored)
and the sum is divided by the number of valid responses. The result
is then rounded to the nearest integer.
The questions used are:
V622: "Over the years, how much attention do you feel the government
pays to what the people think when it decides what to do -- a good
deal, some, or not much?"
V624: "And how much do you feel that having elections makes the
government pay attention to what the people think, a good deal, some
or not much?"

2012 data are for the combined (face-to-face and internet) sample.

This question is variable VCF0649 in the ANES Cumulative Data File dataset.
Consult the Cumulative Data File codebook for complete question text and annotation.
Weight variable VCF0009z was used to produce this table (see weight documentation)

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