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The ANES Mission

Why does America vote as it does on Election Day? The mission of the American National Election Studies (ANES) is to inform explanations of election outcomes by providing data that support rich hypothesis testing, maximize methodological excellence, measure many variables, and promote comparisons across people, contexts, and time. The ANES serves this mission by providing researchers with a view of the political world through the eyes of ordinary citizens. Such data are critical, because these citizens' actions determine election outcomes.

Because ANES activities generate a sizeable amount of data, our experienced technical staff continually works to modify and enhance many aspects of study design, data collection, and data dissemination activities. By generating large, multifaceted datasets of high quality, the ANES will continue to equip researchers to learn new and important lessons about the world of politics. Through venues such as electionstudies.org, these data will be distributed widely and quickly to serve thousands of scholars and to be used in classrooms around the world to enrich research and education.

ANES studies

ANES conducts national surveys of the American electorate and conducts development work through pilot studies.

Time Series Studies are conducted during years of national elections. In presidential election years, the study is typically conducted both before and after the election (that is, a pre-election survey and a post-election survey), while for congressional election years the study has typically been conducted only after the election (a post-election survey). More information...

Pilot Studies are normally conducted in the 'off-years' when there is no national election. These studies are designed to test new, or to refine existing, instrumentation and study designs, all in order to improve the Time Series. More information...

Other Major Data Collections includes panel studies and other special studies. More information...

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