Military Spending (1), yes/no 1972 -1976

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About this trend:

Data Table

  '72 '74 '76
Cut Military Spending 35
** 18
Continue at Least Same 57
** 76
Don't Know, Other 8
** 6
N 1167 0 2850

Percentage Within Study Year
Table 4D.3a.
Source: VCF0828 in the ANES Cumulative Data File dataset, weighted with VCF0009z

Percent among demographic groups who responded:

Continue at Least Same

Question Text:

"Some people believe that our armed forces are already powerful enough and that we should spend less money for defense. Others feel that military spending should at least continue at the present level. How do you feel - should military spending be cut, or should it continue at least at the present level?"

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