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Number of Cases: 2117
Number of Variables: 620

Special Themes and New Topics: The pre-election wave for this data collection was in the field between January 17 and March 8, 1988. Questions include candidate recognition and evaluations, feeling thermometers and traits, assessment of each candidate's chances of winning his/her party's nomination and the November general election, attitudes on public issues, vote intention and choice, and respondent's age, race, education, occupation, labor union membership, income, and religious affiliation. Immediately following Super Tuesday, brief reinterviews were conducted that contained recognition and feeling thermometers on all candidates and traits of selected candidates. A full range of voting questions also was asked including: whether the respondent voted, in which primary and for whom, who the respondent preferred to see each party nominate for president, and who the respondent most wanted to see elected as president.

Design Features: Telephone interviews, RDD sample. Interviewing distributed over a 7 week field period which preceded March 8th, on which 16 states held a presidential primary. Brief reinterviews conducted immediately (2/3 in first week) after Super-Tuesday. There were 4 forms of questionnaires, determining the order in which the 8 candidates' names were presented to respondents.