Description:Updates Made to Previous Dataset Release: 1998-Mar Version


The third release of the 1996 data (March 1998) differs from its predecessor in the following ways:

1. NEW TIME SERIES WEIGHTS HAVE BEEN ADDED. These weights are provided as an alternative to the time-series weight available in release 2; there is now a new weight for 1996 Pre variables and a new weight for 1996 Post variables.

2. CHANGES TO SOME MISSING DATA CODES. It was discovered that the CAPI application output of data did not always preserve cases which were coded "DK;" for several variables (V961189-961192) this resulted in a large number of blank or NA cases. The DK values have been restored to these cases.

In addition, the following lesser changes also were effected:

  • One case with an incorrect 1994 case ID has been corrected.
  • Several variable label corrections have been made.
  • The Candidate List appendix has been placed in Appendix H and Appendix G is now the full technical report for the additional weight variables
  • CPS 2-digit Occupation Master Codes, which are required for the occupation coding of R's father, has been included with the Appendix E set of 1996 Master Codes. (This Master Code was omitted in the codebook included with release 2.)
  • Codebook documentation for the new weight variables has been added.