Description:Select Differences between the 2003-May-21 Full Release and the 2003-Feb-28 Advance Release


This document lists a few of the differences between the ANES 2002 Advance Release (distributed February 28, 2003) and the ANES 2002 Full Release (distributed May 21, 2003). The list is not comprehensive, however, as there were numerous changes, corrections, and additions made during the Full Release processing that are not detailed below.

NES Advance Releases are intended to be very timely, and so lack much of the processing, documentation, and variables that are usual to the Full Release of a dataset. Thus, it is recommended that users who worked with the Advance Release File check their results against the Full Release file now that it is available.

When using the Full Release file, please keep in mind that the Advance Release products - codebook, data, data descriptor files, and otherwise - are not compatible for use with the Full Release. Furthermore, previous setups and programs prepared while analyzing the Advance Release file will require updating prior to applying them to the Full Release file.

  • The Full Release contains variables which were not in the Advance Release, and column locations are different between the two files. Additionally, variables are not named the same way in the Full Release as the Advance Release. To be able to distinguish between Advance Release variables and Full Release variables in derivative files, Advance Release variable names begin with the letter "A", while Full Release variable names begin with the letter "V". In rare instances, there are also slight changes in code values between the Advance and Full Release, even within the same variable.

  • A limited amount of contextual data was available as part of the Advance Release. However, this data is not present in the Full Release, as it will instead be delivered in the future as a supplemental file. The supplemental file will contain additional contextual variables beyond those that were present in the Advance Release. When the supplemental file is available, an announcement will be placed on the ANES website and also sent out to the ANES mailing list.

  • Weight variables were not present in the Advance Release, but are available in the Full Release file. Users are advised to become familiar with the weight variables, and apply them as appropriate to their analyses to correct for non-response and other sampling issues.

  • There were 1513 pre-election interviews and and 1347 post-election interviews present in the Advance Release. During processing of the Full Release, it was discovered that in two Panel cases the incorrect respondent was interviewed. Those cases were dropped, resulting in two less pre-election interviews and one less post-election interview. Thus, there are 1511 pre-election interviews and 1346 post-election interviews present in the Full Release.

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