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Description: Party ID coding error
Posted: 2009-Feb-05


There is an error in the party ID coding that affects the following variables: W1M1, W9L1, W10L1, W10L3, w11L1, w11L3, DER08W1, DER08W9, DER08W10, DER08W11.

The following code will correct the questionnaire variables (W1M1 W9L1 W10L1 W10L3 w11L1 w11L3) and make them consistent with the value labels indicated on the questionnaire:

   recode W1M1 W9L1 W10L1 W11L1 (1=2) (2=1) (else=copy).
   add value labels W1M1 W9L1 W10L1 W10L3 w11L1 w11L3 1 '1. Democrat' 2 '2. Republican' .

The variables DER08W1, DER08W9, DER08W10, DER08W11 need to be re-computed by ANES. We will post a corrected data file as soon as possible.