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Description: 2008-2009 ANES Panel Study June 2009 Re-Release Data
Posted: 2009-Jun-16


The following changes have been made to the Advance Release Data for the June re-release of the 2008-2008 ANES Panel Study:

1) Party Identification variables (w1m1, w9l1, w10l1, w11l1) have been correctly recoded and value labels have been corrected where necessary (w1m1, w9l1, w10l1, w10l3, w11l1, w11l3).

2) Derived variables der08w1, der08w9, der08w10, and der08w11 have been recalculated based on the new Party Identification variables.

3) Variables w1m1orm3, w9l1orl3, w10l1orl3, w11l1orl3 have been corrected to actually capture which version of the question the respondent was asked.

4) New derived variable (der17) calculating the number of names mentioned in variable w9zd2 has been added to the data set.

5) Variable w9ict has been added to the data set.

6) Various missing and incorrect variable and value labels have been corrected.