1972-1976 MERGED FILE


ID File

This ID file is an Excel file that provides all known case ID information across the following by respondent:

In the ID file, variables TS72ID, TS74ID, TS76ID are the case IDs that are represented in the releases for the individual Time Series studies (1972, 1974, and 1976, respectively). Variables MERGED72, MERGED74, and MERGED76 provide IDs for all cases 1972, 1974 and 1976.

Participation can be tracked across the 6 data collections. Variable PAN72_74 is flagged 1 for all cases included in the 1972-1974 Panel (0 otherwise), variable PAN74_76 is flagged 1 for all cases included in the 1974-1976 Panel (0 otherwise), and variable PAN72_76 is flagged 1 for all cases in the 1972-1974-1976 Panel (0 otherwise). Variables CROSS72, CROSS74, CROSS76 are flagged 1 if a case is represented (respectively) in the 1972, 1974, or 1976 cross-section (time series) study.

Participation by wave may also be tracked using variables PRE72, POST72, POST74, PRE76 and POST76, which are coded 1 if R was interviwed in that wave (0 if not).

Within the 3 panels (not including Time-Series-only cases), membership by wave is as follows:

   number of cases1972 pre IW1972 post IW 1974 post IW1976 pre IW1976 post IW
1972-1974-1976 panel1972-1974 panel1974-1976 panel807XXXXX
1972-1974-1976 panel1972-1974 panel 376XXXXX
1972-1974-1976 panel1972-1974 panel1974-1976 panel70XXXX 
1972-1974-1976 panel1972-1974 panel 33XXXX 
1972-1974-1976 panel1972-1974 panel1974-1976 panel3XXX X
1972-1974-1976 panel1972-1974 panel1974-1976 panel7XXX X
1972-1974-1976 panel  24XX XX
 1972-1974 panel 328XXX  
  1974-1976 panel281  XXX
  1974-1976 panel35  XX 
  1974-1976 panel5  XXX
   1969 total panel cases   

*NOTE: the 1976 time series dataset includes 1 case which is not included in the merged file; it is represented in the ID file.