Description: Updates included in 2006-Oct-31 version
Posted: 2006-Oct-17


The 1948-2004 release of the ANES Cumulative Data file includes the addition of 2004 data to all variables which were part of the ANES 2004 time-series study. It also includes the following additions and changes:

1) The addition of full-code "likes-dislikes" mentions for all relevant years, in a set of variables based on the 1952-1968 PARTY-CANDIDATE master code, and a set of variables based on the 1972-2004 PARTY-CANDIDATE master code. Each full-code mention variable is accompanied by a variable providing collapsed mention categories. Specific mentions have been added for major parties (VCF0374-VCF0397d), major-party presidential candidates (VCF0475-VCF0498d), and major-party House candidates (VCF1020-VCF1026b, 1978-later only). The feeling thermometer for Quayle has been moved to VCF0373 (from VCF0380) to accommodate the set of party mention variables.

1a) NOTE: variable 'numbering' for 1) includes the following suffixes (e.g. VCF0375a, VCF0375b, VCF0375c, VCF0375d for the 1st mention of Democratic party "likes"): 1972-later full code variables: "a", collapsed code variables "b"; 1952-1968 full code variables "c", collapsed codes variables: "d".

2) The removal of variables VCF0326 through VCF0337 (Reagan-specific traits and affects). Traits and affects for Reagan are still included in the President traits and affects series (VCF0338-VCF0349) and in the Republican Presidential candidate traits and affects series (VCF0362-VCF0373), as appropriate by year;

3) The addition of variables VCF0071c and VCF0071d, which are collapsed versions of VCF0071a and VCF0071d, and included to conform with 2004 and future standards for confidentiality of interviewer data.

4) A condensing of the codes in administration variables VCF0015a, VCF0015b, VCF0016 and VCF0017 for greater consistency across years;

5) The revision of the VCF0109 ethnicity code from a 2-digit to a 3-digit code, in conformity with the ANES 2004 study revision to the ethnicity master code. No data have been revised for years preceding 2004, except for the prefixing of digit "1" to previous values;

6) Miscellaneous codebook additions and corrections.

The following errata from previous releases have not been corrected:

8 cases are miscoded in VCF0902, 1 case is miscoded in VCF0904 and VCF0905.

   YEAR    ST-CD    CASE               CURRENT                       VALUE
  VCF0004  VCF0900a VCF0006     VAR     VALUE                         SHOULD BE
  -------  -------  -------  -------   ---------------------------   ---------------------------
 1. 1984   2505       1806    VCF0904     2   Inc is opposed          1      Inc is unopposed
 2. 1984   7301       1913    VCF0904     2   Inc is opposed          0      No incumbent
 3. 1986   1312       1731    VCF0904     1   Inc is unopposed        2      Inc is opposed
 4. 1986   1318       1733    VCF0904     2   Inc is opposed          1      Inc is unopposed
 5. 1986   1318       1744    VCF0904     2   Inc is opposed          1      Inc is unopposed
 6. 1986   3203       1960    VCF0904     2   Inc is opposed          1      Inc is unopposed
 7. 1986   1312       2120    VCF0904     1   Inc is unopposed        2      Inc is opposed
 8. 1998   4928       1103    VCF0902    21   Rep Inc, Dem cha       14      Dem Inc unopp
 9. 1998   4928       1103    VCF0904     2   Inc is opposed          1
10. 1998   4928       1103    VCF0905     2   2 or more major cans    1      1 major cand