ANES Continuity Guide

The Continuity Guide offers a comprehensive list of questions, organized thematically, that appear in ANES Time Series surveys from 1992 to 2020. For each item, the Guide also indicates every year in which an identical or very similar question appeared in the Time Series, as far back as 1952.

Please note: This Guide does not document comparability nor harmonization issues for those who wish to use the linked questions across time; for that purpose, please instead reference the ANES Cumulative Data File and/or individual codebooks for the respective studies.

Symbol Key:

indicates that a question (or questions) in a given topic was (or were) asked; Move the mouse over it to see the variable and its link to the summary page. For some years, relevant variable names are not yet available.

indicates that no question in a given topic was asked in this year.

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