ANES Question Search

Enter one or more keywords to search ANES Time Series surveys. Survey questions containing search terms will be shown. For surveys between 1992 and 2020, the variable summary page is available. Simply click any question in your search results.

  • By default, all searches are AND searches. For example, election president nixon will return results containing all three keywords.
  • Exclude a search term by adding - before the term you want to leave out. For example, election president -nixon
  • Search for an exact match by putting a phrase inside "". For example, "presidential election"
  • Type OR between search terms to find results that include either term. For example, president OR senate
  • Use () to group search terms together. For example, (president OR senate) (election OR vote)

Screenshot of search result display
Screenshot of displayed codebook content
Screenshot of search results with the variable summary page on them