Did you just try to register for the first time?

When you complete the Data Registration form, you’ll receive a confirmation email from ANES. Follow the link at the bottom of the message to create your password. Go back to the ANES Data Center and use that same email and password to login. The confirmation emails expire after a few days. Although if the confirmation email expires, you can easily go back to the Data Center and follow the link to ‘forgot my password’ link to set your password.

Have you already registered but your password doesn’t work?

ANES staff can’t access password records. Please follow the ‘forgot your password’ link to set a new one.

Your system says my account doesn’t exist.

Is it possible you used another email account to register? You might try to login with a second email address and see if that works. But if you follow the forgot your password link and see the same error message, you are not in our system. We regret the inconvenience, but you’ll need to register again and create a password.