1992-1997 MERGED FILE

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Type of Study: ANES Merged File (Time Series and Pilot studies)
Sample universe: eligible voters in U.S. households
Sample composition: cross-sections (Time Series), Pilot subsets
Sample selection: per component study
Number of waves: 8 total
Completions: per component study
Modes used: face-to-face (Time Series), telephone (pilots)
Instrument format: paper questionnaire, CATI
Weights: per component study
Auxiliary files: none

This file is an ANES derivative file which comprises merged data from 6 ANES Time Series and Pilot studies: the ANES 1992 Time Series Study, the ANES 1993 Pilot Study, the ANES 1994 Time Series Study, the ANES 1995 Pilot Study, the ANES 1996 Time Series Study, and the ANES 1997 Pilot Study.

All variables from the component studies are included except for 1996 contextual variables. For further content details, please consult the documentation for each component study.

With the exception of the 1992 Time Series study, all cases from the component studies are present. From the 1992 Time Series study, only 'fresh' cross-section cases are included; cases from the 1992 Time Series study which were re-interviews of respondents previously interviewed in the 1990 Time Series study (the 'panel' component of the 1992 sample cross-section) were never re-interviewed after 1992 and thus are not present in this file.

Over years 1992-1997, ANES conducted a process of empanelment over the Time Series and Pilot studies. The 1994 Time Series study re-interviewed cases from the 'fresh' component of the 1992 Time Series study sample as part of its overall cross-section, which also included 'fresh' 1994 cases. The 1996 Time Series study similarly combined in its cross-section re-interviews of respondents from the preceding two Time Series studies together with 'fresh' cases. The 1993, 1995, and 1997 pilot studies each re-interviewed a set of cases from the preceding Time Series Study, although the 1995 pilot study only included cases from the 'fresh' component of the 1994 Time Series sample.

Participation over the 6 studies was as follows (2-digit code values are from variable VPARTIC).

CODE1992 Pre1992 Post 1993 Pilot1994 Post1995 Pilot1996 Pre1996 Post 1997 PilotCASE COUNT
21X X        131
22XXX         115
23X X X X         115
24X X X X   X    35
25X X X X   X X   348
26X X X X   X X X 137
27X X   X         47
28X X   X   X     17
29X X   X   X X  49
30XX   X  XX X 11
41      X         220
42     X X       97
43      X X X     22
44      X X X X   249
45      X X X X X118
46      X   X 45
47     X  X X 217
48     X   X X X 68
61 X 61
62          XX   120
63          XX X217

For further study design details, please consult the documentation for the component studies.

Weights from the component studies are included (1992: V923008a, V923008b, V923009, V927000; 1994: V940004, V940005, V940006, V940006a; 1996: V960003, V960004, V960005, V960005a, V960005b). For further details, please consult the documentation.

No auxiliary file is present for this derivative file.