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Updates and Announcements

Three New Products Now Available

We’re very pleased to announce these new products that are available for immediate download from our website:

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Remembering Darrell Donakowski

Past Director of Studies, Darrell Donakowki, passed away suddenly Saturday, April 27, 2019. Darrell oversaw the 2008, 2012 and 2016 Time Series studies. Read more in the ISR News Release, including a statement from current ANES Principal Investigator, Ted Brader.  

Updated Continuity Guide

The Continuity Guide offers a comprehensive list of questions, organized thematically, that appear in ANES Time Series surveys from 1992 to 2016. For each item, the Guide also indicates every year in which an identical or very similar question appeared in the Time Series, as far back as 1952.

ANES in the News

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Add your citations to the Bibliography

The ANES Bibliography includes over 7,000 citations that make use of ANES data or questions. If you’ve published a paper or presented at a conference, please let us know! This promotes your work while helping the user community and demonstrating the importance of funding the project.