ANES Project Staff

Stanford Operations

Matthew DeBell

Matt is the director of Stanford operations for ANES. In the 2020 study cycle he is managing the Internet-based surveys for the ANES, including of the 2018 Pilot Study and the Internet component of the ANES 2020 Time Series Study. He is a survey methodologist who contributes to study design and questionnaire development for both web-based and in-person data collection, manages contracts for data collection, oversees field operations, develops quality assurance procedures, and documents and analyzes data. He also supervises Stanford staff, research assistants, and subcontractors. Matt received his Ph.D. in government from Georgetown University.

Michigan Operations

Sang-Jung Han

Sang-Jung is the data analyst/application developer for the project. He creates various data products for both the website and the project staff to use for study planning and archiving. He utilizes python, R, and other tools to build interactive applications.

David Howell

Dave is the director of Michigan operations for ANES, managing research, technology, data collection, data processing, dissemination, and communications operations and personnel. He is interested in comparative study, organizational development, building social science research capacity in international settings, survey methodology, and research methods generally.  He is also Associate Director of the Center for Political Studies (CPS) and Director of Studies for the  Comparative Study of Electoral Systems (CSES) project.

Laurie Pierson

Laurie is the ANES Web Designer. She works on site redesigns, maintains backup files, and converts and uploads new content. She coordinates the archiving and backup of web resources and usage statistics. Laurie maintains the ANES mailing list. Laurie also tracks use of ANES data and maintains the ANES Bibliography. She maintains the ANES Reference Library archives and prepares and edits reference lists for publications. Laurie is also the Restricted Data Manager. She works with applicants during the entire application and dissemination process.

Jaime Ventura

Jaime is a research associate who is also responsible for data management, documentation, and archiving. He is responsible for creating syntax/code files and managing large, complex datasets for our panel surveys, and assists in the creation of enhanced and cumulative datasets. He performs complex merges and checks, searches for and reviews inconsistencies in datasets, prepares final datasets for distribution, and ensures that study standards and conventions are met. He is also responsible for responding to inquires from the research community.