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Data Center

To download data for an ANES study, click on the study page from the lists below.

Learn more about our types of studies in the FAQ.

ANES items identified as Restricted-Use Data are not publicly released but can be requested for the purpose of scientific and public policy research. ANES Restricted-Use Data are not available directly from ANES.  The Inter-university Consortium for Political and Social Research (ICPSR) handles applications for ANES Restricted-Use Data and provides access to the data through their Virtual Data Enclave (VDE), a secure, virtual environment that is accessible from your own desktop computer.

Learn more about applying for restricted-use data

Terms of Use

  • Use these datasets solely for research or statistical purposes and not for investigation of specific survey respondents.
  • Make no use of the identity of any survey respondent(s) discovered intentionally or inadvertently, and to advise ANES of any such discovery ([email protected])
  • Cite ANES data and documentation in your work that makes use of the data and documentation. Authors of publications based on ANES data should send citations of their published works to ANES for inclusion in our bibliography of related publications.
  • You acknowledge that the original collector of the data, ANES, and the relevant funding agency/agencies bear no responsibility for use of the data or for interpretations or inferences based upon such uses.