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Our studies can be categorized this way:

Time Series Studies

ANES Time Series studies have been conducted since 1948, typically through in-person interviewing, during years of biennial national elections. Topics cover voting behavior and the elections, together with questions on public opinion and attitudes of the electorate. In all Time Series studies, an interview is completed just after the election (the Post-election or “Post” interview); during years of Presidential elections an interview is also completed just before the election (the Pre-election or “Pre” interview).

Pilot Studies

ANES Pilot studies have tested content and methodology for forthcoming Time Series studies in interviews that are usually administered by telephone. Pilots have been conducted ‘between’ most of the Time Series studies since 1979. Most often, a selection of respondents from the latest completed Time Series Study is interviewed.

Special Studies and Derivative Files

Other ANES studies are conducted which are not Time Series nor Pilot. Some are panel studies designed to employ repeated interviewing of respondents over a time period of special interest in order to collect data that tracks changes in attitudes and opinions. Other types of special studies are unique in design, for example the ANES 1988 Super Tuesday Study which interviewed respondents in 16 states having primaries on Super Tuesday. Additionally, ANES derivative files are released which combine data from related studies, such as when one ANES study includes in its sample respondents from a previous or different ANES study.

Terms of Use

  • Use these datasets solely for research or statistical purposes and not for investigation of specific survey respondents.
  • Make no use of the identity of any survey respondent(s) discovered intentionally or inadvertently, and to advise ANES of any such discovery (
  • Cite ANES data and documentation in your work that makes use of the data and documentation. Authors of publications based on ANES data should send citations of their published works to ANES for inclusion in our bibliography of related publications.
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Suggested Citation

The American National Election Studies ( These materials are based on work supported by the National Science Foundation under grant numbers SES 1444721, 2014-2017, the University of Michigan, and Stanford University. Any opinions, findings and conclusions, or recommendations expressed in these materials are those of the author(s) and do not necessarily reflect the views of the funding organizations.

Restricted Data Access

ANES items identified as Restricted Data are not publicly released and are available only under specific contractual conditions. Access to Restricted Data can be requested only through the application process and only for the purpose of scientific and public policy research.

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Time Series Cumulative Data File (1948-2016)

2016 Time Series Study

Auxiliary File: 2016 Time Series Address-Level Supplemental Data on Voters

Auxiliary File: 2016 Time Series Vote Validation

2016 Recruitment Pretest Study

2016 Pilot Study

2013 Internet Recontact Study

2012 Direct Democracy Study

2012 Time Series Study

Auxiliary File: 2012 Time Series Vote Validation

2010-2012 Evaluations of Government and Society Study (Survey 1)

2010-2012 Evaluations of Government and Society Study (Survey 2)

2010-2012 Evaluations of Government and Society Study (Survey 3)

2010-2012 Evaluations of Government and Society Study (Survey 4)

2010 Panel Recontact Study

2008-2009 Panel Study

Auxiliary File: 2008-2009 Panel Supplemental (off-wave non-ANES) Data File

2008 Time Series Study

2006 Pilot Study

2000-2004 Merged File

2004 Time Series Study

Auxiliary File: ANES 2004 Time Series and Panel Contextual File

2004 Panel Study

Auxiliary File: ANES 2004 Time Series and Panel Contextual File

2002 Time Series Study

Auxiliary File: ANES 2002 Time Series Contextual File

2000 Time Series Study

2000 Pilot Study

1998 Time Series Study

1998 Pilot Study

1992-1997 Merged File

1997 Pilot Study

1996 Time Series Study

Auxiliary File: 1996 Time Series Group Membership File

User-Contributed Data (for use with the 1996 Time Series Study)

1995 Pilot Study

1994 Time Series Study

Auxiliary File: 1994 Time Series Behavior Recording Experiment

1993 Pilot Study

1990-1992 Merged File

1992 Time Series Study

Auxiliary File: 1992 Time Series Nonresponse/Bias File

User-Contributed Data (for use with the 1992 Time Series Study)

1988-1992 Merged Senate File

1991 Pilot Study

1990 Time Series Study

Auxiliary File: 1990 Time Series Nonresponse/Bias File

Auxiliary File: 1990 Time Series Call Record File

1989 Pilot Study

1988 Time Series

Auxiliary File: 1988 Time Series Nonresponse/Bias File

1988 Super Tuesday

1987 Pilot Study

1986 Time Series Study

Auxiliary File: ANES 1986 Time Series Nonresponse/Bias File

1985 Pilot Study

1984 Continuous Monitoring

1984 Time Series Study

1983 Pilot Study

1982 Time Series Study

1982 Merged Methods Comparison

1980 Merged File

1980 Major Panel Study

1980 Time Series Study

1979 Pilot Study

1978 Time Series Study

1972-1976 Merged File

1976 Time Series Study

1974 Time Series Study

1972 Time Series Study

1970 Time Series Study

1968 Time Series Study

1966 Time Series Study

1964 Time Series Study

1962 Time Series Study

1956-1960 Panel Study

1960 Time Series Study

1960 Minor Study

1958 Time Series Study

1956 Time Series Study

1952 Time Series Study

1948 Time Series Study