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1956-1960 Panel Study

ID File

This ID file  provides all known case ID information across the following by respondent:

  • 1956-1960 Panel
  • 1956 Time Series cross-section
  • 1958 Time Series cross-section
  • 1960 Time Series cross-section

Variables TS56ID, TS58ID and TS60ID are case IDs that are represented in the individual Time Series studies (1956, 1958, and 1960, respectively). Variables PAN56ID, PAN58ID and PAN60ID are ids for 1956, 1958, and 1960 panel cases.

Participation can be tracked by ID across studies and waves. For example cases coded 1 in POST58wave were interviewed for the 1958 post-election wave; if case1958TS is coded 1 (rather than 0) it is also a case in the 1958 Time Series cross-section; cases coded 1 in PRE56wave or POST56wave were interviewed in 1956 (in one or both waves) but were 1956 panel-only cases if case1956TS is not coded 1.