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1956 Time Series Study

Pre-election Wave

View the 1956 Pre-election Questionnaire 


Administration of the 1956 Pre-election Show Cards:

Question Card/Page Variables Description
12a-12p Card #1 V560029, V560032, V560035, V560038, V560041, V560044, V560047, V560050, V560053, V560056, V560059, V560062, V560065, V560068, V560071, V560074 5-point scale (Agree/Disagree) on 16 domestic and foreign issues: taxes, jobs, health, schools, integration, Red Hunt, foreign aid [Image not found]
13a-13p Card #2 V560030, V560033, V560036, V560039, V560042, V560045, V560048, V560051, V560054, V560057, V560060, V560063, V560066, V560069, V560072, V560075 5-point scale (Definitely too far/A lot less than it should) on R’s opinion on level of what government is doing about 16 domestic and foreign issues [Image not found]