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1988 Merged Senate File

Updates & Errata

Current Dataset Release: June 16, 2003 Version

October 17, 2006
1.  1992 cases include 45 duplicate cases. Cases with state code 70 in variable VPS0007 are duplicates of the 45 cases with state code 71 in VPS0007 and should be deleted.

2.   1992 California cases are coded to missing values for knowledge items (office recognition) VPS0593, VPS0594, VPS0595 and VPS0596. The correction for these cases are still under investigation.

June 16, 2003
Added missing Appendix material.

Already Applied

Previous Dataset Release: September 29, 2000 Version

September 29, 2000
Added Master codes previously missing from codebook appendix.

Previous Dataset Release: May 3, 1999 Version

May 3, 1999
Added dataset ID and version number.

Previous Dataset Release: October 1998 CD-ROM Version

October 1998
1998 CD-ROM release.