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1992-1997 Merged File: Updates & Errata

Current Dataset Release: May 21, 1999 Version

April 21, 2014
Code labels for variable M960610 (codes 4,5,6,7) should be corrected as follows:

  1. 8 grades or less and no diploma or equivalency [0-8 in Y3, 5 in Y3a]
  2. 9-11 grades, no further schooling (incl. 12 years without diploma or equivalency) [9-12 in Y3, 5 in Y3a]
  3. High school diploma or equivalency test [0-12 in Y3, 1 in Y3a]
  4. More than 12 years of schooling, no higher degree (13-17 in Q.Y3 and 96 in Q.Y3b)
  5. Junior or community college level degrees (AA degrees) (07 in Q.Y3b)
  6. Ba level degrees; 17+ years, no advanced degree
  7. Advanced degree, including LLB [13-17 in Y3, 2-6 in Y3b]

April 15, 2010

The missing data for V952144 have been incorrectly set for values 0 and 8 or higher. The correct missing data values should be 98 and 99. This will be corrected in a future release.

November 1, 2007

The appendix documentation for 1996 3-digit occupation has a gap such that catgories 166-225 are undocumented. The user can consult the 1996 ANES (prepost) study’s appendix file to obtain the documentation for these codes.

September 23, 2005
For the 1992-1997 Combined ANES , there are codebook and code labels corrections for variable 941016. Codes 1 and 2 were incorrectly reversed. For 941016, the code value labels should be as follows:


This correction affects both the codebook documentation and the code value labels in the data file.

July 17, 2001

Documentation for V923020 should be replaced with the following:

This variable identifies the congressional district number for the sample location in which R resides (in 1992) as it was prior to the 1990 Census-based redistricting.
Actual values are coded, as documented in v3016, except:

98. At-large

December 7, 2000

1996 variable V961322 has the labels for codes 4 and 5 reversed. Variable V961194 code 5 label is incorrect and should omit the word “not.”

Already Applied

Previous Dataset Release: October 1998 CD-ROM Version

March 16, 1999
Correct variable labels are:

V970172: 'Christian Fundamentalist, late: Political domain-high threat condition'
V970175: 'Christian Fundamentalist, summary: Political domain high threat condition'
V970178: 'Christian Fundamentalist, early: Political domain high threat condition'
January 19, 1999
V961114-961115 (Clinton gets things done and V961116-V961117 (Dole moral) were switched in the 1st and 2nd releases of the 1996 data. Users should amend their card files and codebook such that V961116-961117 document “Clinton gets things done” and V961114-961115 document “Dole Moral.”
December 10, 1998
R were asked in 1992 study question Q. Y43: “In addition to being American, what do you consider your main ethnic group or nationality group?” If a respondent gave more than one group, they were asked Q. Y43b: “With which of these groups do you most closely identify?” The note at this question (variable 4119) stated that the group mentioned by Rs giving only one group at Y43 were duplicated in this variable, but *THIS NOTE WAS NOT CORRECT.* Through an oversight, this recode was not actually carried out.

December 10, 1998

Some variables in the 1992-1997 Combined File codebook did not have correct column locations in the codebook. These have been revised in a new version of the codebook.

October 1, 1998

The 1994 errata note for 2 respondents who voted in Tennessee in 1994 (for V940617 and V940618, candidate number and party of R’s vote in Senate race):

For voters in Tennessee, which had 2 Senate races in 1994, V940617 and V694018 should have been coded according to the respondent’s vote in the REGULAR senate election. However, these variables were in fact coded with the respondent’s first response, whether or not the first response gave R’s vote in the regular or the special Senate election. While in most cases the first response corresponded with vote in the regular Senate election (candidate #13 or #16), in 3 cases the special Senate election vote was erroneously coded (candidate #11a or #12a). In cases 2133 and 2780, the candidate for whom the respondent voted in the special Senate election was erroneously coded and R’s vote in the regular Senate election is unknown. For case number 2622, the special Senate election vote is coded, but it is known that the respondent’s vote in the regular Senate election was for candidate #13.

This ANES dataset is derivative file. It was created from the contents of other ANES datasets (component files). While some errata are specific to just this derivative file and are listed below, users will also need to consult the errata pages for the component files from which this derivative file was created.

The following links are to the errata pages for the component files from which this derivative file was created. Please also check these errata pages for entries about your variables of interest: