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1992 Time Series Study

Post-election Wave

View the 1992 Post-election Respondent Booklet 
View the 1992 Post-election Questionnaire 


Administration of the 1992 Post-election Respondent Booklet:

Question Card/Page Variables Description
A2a Page 1 V925104 How often R watches TV about campaigns (4 options)
A3a Page 2 V925106 How often R discusses politics with family or friends
B1a-B1h, B1j, B1k, B1m, B1n, B1p, B1q; B2a-B2h, B2j-B2n,B2p-B2z, B2aa Page 3 V925301-V925340 Feeling Thermomter for 14 individuals; Feeling Thermometer for 25 groups
C13, C13a(a)-C13a(h); C16, C16a(a)-C16a(h) Page 4 V925502-V925510, V925513-V925521 R’s contact with House incumbent, challenger, Dem/Rep candidates (8 options)
E7a Page 5 V925716 R’s opinion of Representatives writing bad checks (3 options)
J8a-J8e Page 6 V925940-V925944 Importance of foreign policy goals (3 options)
J9 Page 7 V925945 School prayer (4 options)
K1 Page 8 V926001 Attention to news about women
K4; K5 Page 9 V926005, V926006 Pride in women’s accomplishments; Anger at treatement of women
K6 Page 10 V926007 Power/gender balance now
K7 Page 11 V926008 Power/gender balance should be
K8 Page 12 V926010 Power in families now
K9 Page 13 V926011 Power in families should be
L1, L1a Page 14 V926013, V926014 First, second choices on most important of 4 national goals
L5a-L5f; M1a-M1h; M4a-M4e; M11a-M11d Page 15 V926024-V926029, V926101-V926108, V926115-V926119, V926126-V926129 5-point scale (Agree/Disagree) on equal opportunity; 5-point scale on political efficacy; 5-point scale on moral traditionalism; 5-point scale on equal opportunity between races
M12a, M12b Page 16 V926130, V926131 R’s patriotism
P1a-P1h, P1j, P1k, P1m, P1n, P1p-P1s; P2a Page 17 V926201-V926218 Closeness to 16 groups; Group R feels closest to
P3a-P3d Page 18 V926221-V926224 7-point scale (Hardworking/Lazy) on 4 groups
P4a-P4d Page 19 V926225-V926228 7-point scale (Intelligent/Unintelligent) on 4 groups
P5a-P5d Page 20 V926229-V926232 7-point scale (Violent/Peaceful) on 4 groups
Q2 Page 21 V926234 Teaching non-English speaking students (3 options)
Q4a-Q4c; Q5a-Q5c Page 22 V926236-V926241 Likely consequences of Hispanic/Asian immigration