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1996 Time Series Study

Pre-election Wave

View the 1996 Pre-election Respondent Booklet 
View the 1996 Pre-election Questionnaire 


Administration of the 1996 Pre-election Respondent Booklet:

Question Card/Page Variables Description
A11a; A12a; A13b Page 1 V960243, V960245, V960248 Attention to campaign in various media (5 options)
D1a-D1h, D1j, D1k, D1m, D1n, D1p-D1w; D2a-D2c Page 2 V960272-V96294 Feeling Thermometer for 20 individuals; Feeling Thermometer for 3 groups
E6a-E6d; E7; E8 Page 3 V960305-V960310 Which party would do a better job on various issues; Which party more likely to raise taxes; Which party more likely to cut social security benefits
G4a, G5, G6, G7, G8, G9, G10, G11 Page 4 V960365, V960369, V960371, V960373, V960375, V960377, V960379, V960380 7-point scale (Liberal/Conservative) – placement of self, 5 individuals, 2 parties
K2a-K2c, K2d-K2h, K2j; K3a, K3b-K3g; K4a, K4b-K4g Page 5 V960421-V960423, V960425-V960430, V960432, V960434-V960439, V960441, V960443-V960448 4-point scale (Extremely well/Not well at all) on traits describing President Clinton/Bob Dole/Ross Perot
L1a, L1b, L1c, L1d, L1e-L1h Page 6 V960450, V960453, V960455, V960457, V960459-V960462 7-point scale (Fewer services-reduce spending/More services-increase spending) on gov’t providing services – placement for self, 5 individuals, 2 parties
L2a, L2b, L2c, L2d, L2e-L2h Page 7 V960463, V960466, V960469, V960472, V960475-V960478 7-point scale (Decrease defense spending/Increase defense spending) on defense spending – placement for self, 5 individuals, 2 parties
L3a-L3d Page 8 V960479-V960482 7-point scale (gov’t insurance plan/private insurance plan) on health insurance – placement for self, 3 individuals
L4a-L4d Page 9 V960483-V960486 7-point scale (Job and good standard of living/each person get ahead on own) on job and good standard of living – placement for self, 3 individuals
L5a, L5b, L5c, L5d Page 10 V960487, V960490, V960492, V960494 7-point scale (Gov’t should help blacks/blacks should help themselves) on Gov’t help for blacks – placement for self, 3 individuals
M1a, M1b, M1c, M1d, M1e-M1h Page 11 V960503, V960506, V960509, V960512, V960515-V960518 Opinions on abortion (4 options) – placement for self, 5 individuals, 2 parties
M2a-M2d Page 12 V960519-V960522 7-point scale (Address social problems/Make sure criminals are caught) on crime reduction – placement for self, 3 individuals
M3a, M3b, M3c, M3d, M3e, M3f Page 13 V960523, V960526, V960529, V960532, V960535, V960536 7-point scale (Protect environment/Jobs and good S.O.L. more important) on the environment and jobs – placement for self, 3 individuals, 2 parties
M4a-M4f Page 14 V960537-V960542 7-point scale (Tougher gov’t regulations/Current too much of burden) on regulations on business to protect environment – placement for self, 3 individuals, 2 parties
N1a-N1d Page 15 V960543-V960546 7-point scale (Equal role for women/Women’s place in the home) on women’s rights – placement for self, 3 individuals
Q2.1 Page 16 V960568 5-point scale (Agree/Disagree) on political efficacy of R (1 statement)
Q7a; Q7b Page 17 V960573, V960574 How often does R pray? (5 options); How often does R read the Bible (5 options)
Q8 Page 18 V960575 Statements about Bible validity (3 options)
X8 Page 19 V960600 Type of Christianity (4 options)
Y6; Y17 Page 20 V960615, V960686 R’s employment (7 options); R’s spouse’s employment (7 options)
Y20, Y20a; Y21 Page 21 V960701, V960702 Estimated income for 1995 (24 categories) (total for family, R; total for just R)
Y23a Page 22 V960709 R’s Hispanic group of origin (6 options)