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2000 Time Series Study: Updates & Errata

Current Dataset Release: October 6, 2005 Version

October 30, 2018
2000 Time Series – Defense spending 7-point scales (variables V000581, V000588, V000593, V000598, V000603) were correctly administered to respondents although the labels for the endpoint categories in the codebook documentation represent an error in the instrument. Endpoint labels in the codebook represent what appeared onscreen to interviewers during administration of the survey. However, although incorrect, they do not represent the endpoint labels which were correct in the Respondent Booklet used by respondents to make a number selection from the scale. The 2000 data for these variables should be considered representing questions administered comparably to other years.
September 28, 2007
In the statement files defining missing data, value 96 is defined as missing data for V001020a-c and for V001021a-c, however 96 should be a valid code value.

October 13, 2006
The text for the telephone version of the Pre L4 introduction (L4.T) was incorrectly documented in the codebook. L4/L4.T should appear as follows:


Please look at page 9 of the booklet.
Some people feel the government in Washington should see to it that
every person has a job and a good standard of living.  Suppose these
people are at one end of a scale, at point 1.  Others think the
government should just let each person get ahead on their own.
Suppose these people are at the other end, at point 7.  And, of
course, some other people have opinions somewhere in between, at
points 2,3,4,5, or 6./
Some people feel the government in Washington should see to it that
every person has a job and a good standard of living.  Others think
the government should just let each person get ahead on their own.
Which is closer to the way you feel or haven't you thought much about

January 18, 2006
Variable labels for V001503 and V001504 are switched in statement files and in codebook documentation. They should be as follows:

V001503 L8x2. Summary org influence government
V001504 L8x3. Summary org influence school
October 6, 2005
The ANES 2000 October 6, 2005 re-release includes completion of corrections for all posted errata (in effect as of this release date), documentation for new confidential variable V000099x (data available by special request), updating of documentation for the final ANES 2000 geocodes (including full-sample Census Tract identification variable, with data available by special request), and miscellaneous minor corrections to the codebook.

Already Applied

Previous Dataset Release: September 17, 2001 Version

August 23, 2005
For the ANES 2000, there is a minor codebook correction. For variables V001592 and V001592a, code 5 is currently listed as “Much stronger”. Code 5 for these two variables should be “Much larger”.

March 15, 2004

For V001249 (respondent’s self-report of vote for President), 9 cases previously coded “7. Other” have been recoded according to specific response.

   V000001   V001249
   -------   -------
     170        9
     202        4
     564        4
     823        9
    1122        9
    1205        2
    1260        4
    1537        7
    1667        4

       Who did you vote for?
       1. AL GORE
       3. GEORGE W. BUSH
       5. PAT BUCHANAN
       6. RALPH NADER
       2. Howard Phillips - constitution party candidate
       4. Harry Brown - Libertarian candidate
       7. R reports voting for self
       8. DK
       9. RF
       0. NA; INAP, 5, 8, 9, 0 in C5

January 9, 2003
V000082 (2000 State FIPS and CD); V000083 (Congressional District No.); V000084 (ICPSR State and CD); and V000086 (State/CD – vote outside CD) had missing data definitions that were “reversed”; that is, “Equal To” was defined as “Greater Than” and vice versa.

To correct the data, the following recodes may be used:


if V000082 EQ 0 then V000082=.;
if V000082 GE 9999 then V000082=.;
if V000083 EQ 0 then V000083=.;
if V000083 GE 99 then V000083=.;
if V000084 EQ 0 then V000084=.;
if V000084 GE 9999 then V000084=.;
if V000086 EQ 0 then V000086=.;
if V000086 GE 9999 then V000086=.;

if V000082 (0, 9999 thru highest)
if V000083 (0, 99 thru highest)
if V000084 (0, 9999 thru highest)
if V000086 (0, 9999 thru highest)

October 22, 2001
V001019 (Summary – type of place R grew up) used code 8 both as a valid code and as a summary code for DK cases (codebook shows 2 code 8 categories). Instead, the missing data categories should be:

9. DK
0. RF; NA
To correct the data, the following recode may be used:

if V001019 eq 9 then V001019=0;
if V001015 eq 9 or V001016 eq 8 or V001017 eq 8 or V001018 eq 8
   then V001019=9;

Previous Dataset Release: May 8, 2001 Version

September 17, 2001
Post group closeness variables for the face-to-face component of 2000 respondents (even-numbered variables V001540-V001572) duplicated for all groups the data that correctly corresponded only to the first group. Marginals in the codebook have been updated accordingly. In addition to this correction, the group closeness variables for the telephone component have been renumbered to odd-numbered variables V001541 through V001573 (these were previously numbered as variables V001540a, V001542a, V001544a etc.). This renumbering was effected because the summary variables which previously existed as odd-numbered variables V001541-V001573 have been dropped. The group summary variables were removed to emphasize the differences between FTF and telphone mode administration, and to avoid implication to users of close comparability.

August 6, 2001
Current variable labels:

VAR 000489 H1a. How much better US econ next year
VAR 000490 H1b. How much worse US econ next year
Should instead be:

VAR 000489 H1a. How much better US econ past year
VAR 000490 H1b. How much worse US econ past year
Codebook documentation for variables V000489 and V000490 should read as follows prior to question text:

V000491 codebook documentation summary line should read:

August 3, 2001
Case 1406 should be coded 0 in Post weight variable V000002a.

July 17, 2001

For V000194e, CDs in Washington state (FIPS code=53 in V000080) have the incorrect code for the winner of the 2000 Senate election: House codes are present instead of the Senate winner’s code, 15.


if V000080=53, then V000194e=15

June 1, 2001
The following note should be added to the codebook documentation for V000087a (alph county name):

NOTE: This variable was constructed for use in Post-Election question C3 (variable V001243) which attempts to ascertain registration location. It should be noted that, although county identification in this variable for face-to-face interviews meets normal standards for accuracy, V000087a data for RDD cases were created by imputing area code, central office codes and similar listed numbers. This method of imputation has a certain amount of error, and for RDD cases V000087a (and corresponding FIPS codes which can also be made available to users in temporary variable V000087t) should not be considered as satisfying ANES standards. It is the intention of ANES staff to provide accurate data for county identification of RDD cases in an additional forthcoming variable.

May 25, 2001
14 cases coded by the interviewer “7. Other (specify)” in V000876 were examined and should have been coded otherwise.

V000001 V000876
------- -------
153 = 0
272 = 0
279 = 8
283 = 0
334 = 1
348 = 9
364 = 9
376 = 0
462 = 0
627 = 0
739 = 0
808 = 2
891 = 8
915 = 1
924 = 0
1029 = 9
1038 = 0
1056 = 1
1357 = 0
1565 = 0
1594 = 0
1636 = 0
1729 = 0
1786 = 3

May 8, 2001
The 2000 Time Series Study data release of May 08, 2001 includes these corrections to the April 18, 2001 data release, among others:

  • two errata were applied
  • various codebook, variable label, and data corrections were made

Previous Dataset Release: April 18, 2001 Version

May 8, 2001
1) In the 2000 codebook and value labels, codes for V001030 should be:

1. White
2. Black

Other race codes for Interviewer observation were dropped in the 2000 Study.

2) The full text of several codes for V000093 was truncated in the codebook. They should be as follows:

  1. Central Cities of the six largest (population over 4,500,000) Consolidated Metropolitan Statistical Areas (CMSAs), plus the 15 next largest CMSA/MSAs (population over 2,000,000)
  2. Central Cities of CMSAs and MSAs with fewer than 2,000,000 population (exclusive of those in the 21 largest CMSA/MSAs — code 1)
  3. Suburbs of the six largest CMSA/MSAs
  4. Suburb of all other CMSA/MSAs
  5. Adjacent Areas: includes all territory beyond the outer boundary of the suburban belt, but within 50 miles of the central business district of a central city
  6. Outlying Area: includes all territory more than 50 miles from the central business district of a central city

3) In Interviewer Observation variables V001743a, V001743b, V001743c (others present during interview) missing data cases (including no-post) should have been coded 9 instead of 0; these cases have been recoded to 9 and 0 assigned to “none”.

April 19, 2001
The ANES 2000 codebook appendix is missing several codes in the Religion Master Code documentation. Codes 600 and 795 represent people who attend multiple types of churches (people from families of mixed religions).

600 - Roman Catholic AND Protestant
750 - Scientology
795 - Mix of major religions (e.g., Christian, Jewish, Moslem,
      Buddhist etc.)
990 - none (R had answered yes that they attend but when pressed
      said none, really)