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2004 Time Series Study

Post-Election Wave

View the 2004 Post-election Respondent Booklet 
View the 2004 Post-election Questionnaire 


Administration of the 2004 Post-election Respondent Booklet:

Question Card/Page Variables Description
A4, A5a, A7 Page 1 V045003a, V045004a, V045006 Attention to campaign in various media (5 options)
D1a-D1h, D1j, D1k, D1m, D1n, D1p; D2a-D2h, D2j, D2k, D2m, D2n, D2p-D2w, D2y, D2z, D2aa-D2ah, D2aj, D2ak, D2am Page 2 V045043-V045088 Feeling Thermometer for 13 individuals; Feeling Thermometer for 33 groups
F1a-F1h, F1j Page 3 V045099-V045107 Importance of foreign policy goals (3 options)
G4a, G4b, G4c Page 4 V045117, V045119, V045120 7-point scale (Liberal/Conservative) – placement for self, 2 individuals
G5a-G5c Page 5 V045121-V045123 7-point scale (Fewer services-reduce spending/More services-increase spending) on gov’t providing services – placement for self, 2 individuals
G6a, G6b-G6g Page 6 V045124, V045126-V045131 7-point scale (Diplomacy and Int’l Pressure/Ready to use military force) on solutions to international problems – placement for self, 4 individuals, 2 parties
G7a, G7b-G7g Page 7 V045132, V045134-V045139 Opinions on abortion (4 options) – placement for self, 4 individuals, 2 parties
H1a Page 8 V045140 7-point scale (Gov’t should help Hispanics/Hispanics should help themselves) on Gov’t help for Hispanics – placement for self
K1b, K1c; K2b, K2c; K3b, K3c Page 9 V045175, V045176, V045178, V045179, V045181, V045182 R’s feelings on treatment of women in society (4 options) – 2 statements; R’s feelings on treatment of blacks in society (4 options) – 2 statements; R’s feelings on treatments of Hispanics in society (4 options) – 2 statements
K4a-K4c; L4a-L4d; L5a-L5d; M2a, M2b; N2a-N2f Page 10 V045183-V045185, V045189-V045196, V045201, V045202, V045212-V045217 5-point scale (Agree/Disagree) on women’s rights in the workplace; 5-point scale (Agree/Disagree) on moral traditionalism; 5-point scale (Agree/Disagree) on equal opportunity between races; 5-point scale (Agree/Disagree) on external political efficacy of R; 5-point scale (Agree/Disagree) on egalitarianism
P4a-P4d Page 11 V045222-V045225 7-point scale (Hardworking/Lazy) on 4 groups
P5a-P5d Page 12 V045226-V045229 7-point scale (Intelligent/Unintelligent) on 4 groups
P6a-P6d Page 13 V045230-V045233 7-point scale (Trustworthy/Untrustworthy) on 4 groups
Q7 Page 14 V045242 5-point scale (Difference/No difference) on who is in power
Q8 Page 15 V045243 5-point scale (Makes a difference/Makes no difference) on whom people vote for
Q15-Q17 Page 16 V045257-V045259 11-point scale (Dislike/Like) on R’s feelings about parties
Q19-Q24; Q28 Page 17 V045260-V045265, V045271 11-point scale (Left/Right) on political placement of 3 parties, 3 individuals; 11-point scale (Left/Right) on R’s political self-placement