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2004 Time Series Study

Updates & Errata

Current Dataset Release: August 16, 2005 Version

October 30, 2018
Defense spending 7-point scales (variables V043142, V043146, V043147, V043144, V043145) were correctly administered to respondents although the labels for the endpoint categories in the codebook documentation represent an error in the instrument. Endpoint labels in the codebook represent what appeared onscreen to interviewers during administration of the survey. However, although incorrect, they do not represent the endpoint labels which were correct in the Respondent Booklet used by respondents to make a number selection from the scale. The 2004 data for these variables should be considered representing questions administered comparably to other years.
December 9, 2009
Documentation for the 2004 Stratum-SECU variable (V040103) incorrectly describes the 1st digit as stratum and the last 2 digits as SECU. Instead, the documentation should state that the 1st TWO (2) digits correspond to Stratum and last (1) digit to SECU.

December 13, 2009

Case ID 0357 should be dropped from the 2004prepost study. The interview was conducted with input from both the selected respondent and someone other than the selected respondent, without any way to identify the source of individual responses.

The total n for the ANES 2004 Time Series study is now 1,211 cases.

October 13, 2006

Variable label statement files and codebook documentation:
V042408a: should read ‘D2a’
V042408a: should read ‘D2a’
V042408b: should read ‘D2b’
V042408c: should read ‘D2c’
V042408d: should read ‘D2d’
V042415a: should read ‘K2a’
V042415b: should read ‘K2b’
V042415c should read ‘K2c’
V042415d: should read ‘K2d’
V042415e: should read ‘K2e’
V042415f: should read ‘K2f’
V042415g: should read ‘K2g’
V044417b variable label should be: ‘PostRand.17b. Order of P6c Hispanics trustworthy scale’
V044417c variable label should be: ‘PostRand.17c. Order of P6d Asian-Americans trustworthy scale’V044403f: Codebook description should read ‘D1p’

October 13, 2006

V045254 cases coded 3 should be coded 5; 4 cases coded 5 should be coded 7.
The applicable recode in SPSS is:
if V045250a = 5 V045254 = 7.
if V045250a = 3 V045254 = 5.V045254 code value labels are:
1. Democratic
5. Republican
7. Other {SPECIFY}
8. Don’t know
9. Refused
INAP. no closeness to any party (5,8,9 in Q13b); no post IW

August 16, 2005

Besides correcting all errata from the previous (April) release, the following updates have been made:

1. interviewer characteristics data for the Pre (V042103-V042109) and for the Post (V044103-V044109) are provided

2.  for comparability with previous studies, variables based on 1990 Census occupation coding are added for stacked occupation (V043262m,V043262n, V043262p), for past occupation (V043268d,V043268e,V043268f), and for current occupation (V043278d, V043278e,V043278f)

3. indication found within the ‘problem’ thumbnail (interviewer end-of-interview note regarding any problems in interview administration) is flagged for terminology left-right (V045300a) and terminology liberal-conservative (V045300b) unfamiliarity.

Already Applied

Previous Dataset Release: April 19, 2005 Version

August 5, 2005Statements in quotes to which the respondent was asked to agree or disagree in the 2004 ANES questionnaires did not export to the release codebook. These texts will be included in the next release and are as follows:

  'There are some things about America today that make me feel ashamed
   of America'
  'There are some things about America today that make me feel ashamed
   of America'
  'There are some things about America today that make me feel angry
   about America'
  'There are some things about America today that make me feel angry
   about America'
  'When women demand equality these days, they are actually seeking
   special favors'.
  'Women often miss out on good jobs because of discrimination'.
  'Women who complain about harassment cause more problems than they solve'.
  'The world is always changing and we should adjust our view of moral
   behavior to those changes.'
  'The newer lifestyles are contributing to the breakdown of our society.'
  'We should be more tolerant of people who choose to live according to their
   own moral standards, even if they are very different from our own.'
  'This country would have many fewer problems if there were more emphasis on
   traditional family ties.'
  'Irish, Italians, Jewish and many other minorities overcame prejudice and
   worked their way up. Blacks should do the same without any special favors.'
  'Generations of slavery and discrimination have created conditions that make
   it difficult for blacks to work their  way out of the lower class.'
  'Over the past few years, blacks have gotten less than they deserve.'
  'It's really a matter of some people not trying hard enough; if blacks would
   only try harder they could be just as well off as whites.'
  'Public officials don't care much what people like me think.'
  'People like me don't have any say about what the government does.'
  'A working mother can establish just as warm and secure a relationship with
   her children as a mother who does not work.'
  'It is much better for everyone involved if the man is the achiever outside
   the home and the woman takes care of the home and family.'
  'Our society should do whatever is necessary to make sure that everyone has
   an equal opportunity to succeed.'
  'We have gone too far in pushing equal rights in this country.'
  'One of the big problems in this country is that we don't give everyone an
   equal chance.'
  'This country would be better off if we worried less about how equal
   people are.'
  'It is not really that big a problem if some people have more of a chance
   in life than others.'
  'If people were treated more equally in this country we would have many fewer
  'Democracy may have problems but it's better than any other form of

June 29, 2005

Users have requested that we add a collapsed version of the occupational prestige variable (V043262d) to the public dataset. Since a collapsed version of the variable is not a concern in terms of respondent confidentiality, we plan to add such a variable to the next version of the public release file.

In the meantime, we are providing a file containing the new variable (V043262q), along with variable V040001 for purposes of merging with the main file. The file is a ZIP file; within the ZIP file is an Excel file containing the data. The ZIP file can be downloaded by clicking on the following link:

The codes have been collapsed into six groups of approximately equal size, as shown in this frequency:

Code 1 N=183
Code 2 N=179
Code 3 N=186
Code 4 N=190
Code 5 N=182
Code 6 N=177

The codebook entry for the variable will be:

V043262q    Y6x14. STACKED: Collapsed past/current occup prestige score


What kind of work did you do on your last regular job? (What
was your occupation)? What were your most important activities
or duties? /
What is your main occupation? What kind of work do you do?
What are your most important activities or duties?

1. Lowest prestige scores
6. Highest prestige scores

8 Military
9 DK; NA; Don't know; Not ascertained
INAP. 9 in Y6c; 4 or 6 in Y6c and 5,8,9 in Y9; 7,8 in Y6c and
5,8,9 in Y7a

Collapsed from Y6x4; coding approximates as closely as possible
equal size groupings of respondents by ranked scores, i.e.,
code 1 corresponds (approximately) to the bottom 16.67% of scored
cases and code 6 corresponds (approximately) to the top 16.67%
of scored cases.

Numeric  Dec 0

June 8, 2005

For respondents who gave more than a single mention of racial self-identification, order of mention is not indicated in summary V043299. Specific mentions for such cases should have been included in the release data file corresponding to values listed here as V043299a (mention 1) and V043299b (mention 2). [Note: no respondent gave more than 2 mentions].

Future releases of the ANES 2004 will include variables V043299a and V043299b.

      V040001    V043299    V043299a    V043299b
          43        35         30          50
          96        35         70           .
          97        45         50          40
         126        15         10          50
         184        35         30          50
         209        35         70           .
         339        25         20          50
         446        23         20          30
         545        25         20          50
         552        45         50          40
         697        35         50          30
         724        14         10          40
         773        14         10          40
         850        25         70           .
         913        45         70           .
         922        25         70           .
        1082        35         50          30
        1124        15         70           .
        1146        35         50          30
        1166        45         40          50

June 2, 2005

In V044004 and V044008, case 696 should be coded for date 11/06/2004, and case 995 should be missing data. The date 1106 had been incorrectly assigned to case 995 instead of case 696.

Previous Dataset Release: March 30, 2005 Version

April 19, 2005

A user has brought to our attention that data for the 11 items in the federal spending battery (V043164-V043174) are misaligned in the March 30, 2005 version and earlier.

Data for the first two questions is not usable as a result; data for the next nine questions can be salvaged by renaming the following variables as shown:


We will be providing a new version of the file today to correct all 11 variables. If you are already making use of a past version of the file, you can correct 9 of the 11 variables using the above code.

Previous Dataset Release: March 28, 2005 Version

March 30, 2005

The post-election weight variable, V040102, incorrectly contained the pre-election weight values (duplicate of V040101) in the data file. The march 30 version .zip file has restored the correct values of V040102.

March 29, 2005

In the STATA statements file containing code label formats ( two unnecessary period characters (.) appear. The 03-28-2004 version formats file will run successfully to create the STATA system file, however the periods have been removed in the 03-29-2004 revised .zip file of the 2004 release. (The periods appear in the formats for V043178, prior to label text.)

March 28, 2005

Among other things, the ANES 2004 Full Release provides the addition of the complete set of 2004 non-survey study variables, together with some minor changes to survey variables, including, among other changes: 1) the addition of pre-post summaries (V045145x, V045146x, V045147x, V045148x, V045149x) for the split-wave patriotism module; 2) some correction to marital status summary coding in V043251x and V043292, based on review of full information available in the complete household listing data; and 3) correction to V045027 code labels and coding (timing of decision for vote for President).

Previous Dataset Release: January 31, 2005 Version

February 4, 2005

V044501 provides state abbreviation and district number for post-interview cases. For pre-only cases, state and district of interview location are:

V040001    V044501
-------    -------
0004       AR04
0009       CA48
0017       CT03
0019       NY04
0022       NY14
0031       LA04
0032       NJ02
0047       MA04
0049       MD07
0054       IN06
0065       FL12
0067       IN06
0076       TX26
0079       MD04
0081       UT03
0087       VA04
0107       MD02
0128       NY03
0131       TX17
0155       VA03
0161       UT02
0171       IN06
0196       MA02
0212       LA04
0214       WA09
0220       OH18
0222       CA48
0231       GA03
0236       MD04
0244       NY11
0259       TX02
0278       OR04
0281       AL07
0291       NJ02
0314       VA04
0319       CA27
0321       IN06
0342       MA10
0374       VA07
0375       IN06
0378       NH02
0416       CA47
0420       MO02
0421       AR04
0431       CA31
0440       AL07
0448       MI04
0450       FL12
0451       CA40
0454       PA08
0479       MA04
0515       MN01
0519       NH02
0520       OH14
0521       MA07
0525       IA03
0529       MO02
0532       CA04
0540       AR04
0553       IA03
0575       WA09
0593       NY02
0598       IL08
0603       AL03
0615       MI08
0621       PA08
0627       VA03
0629       TX17
0634       CO06
0636       LA04
0660       CA46
0662       UT02
0663       NJ02
0667       UT03
0670       TN02
0678       IL07
0685       TX02
0689       NY14
0693       MN01
0695       UT02
0712       NY09
0713       CA40
0725       CA35
0726       MA08
0745       CA46
0750       FL12
0754       UT02
0758       VA04
0781       AL07
0799       NY09
0804       NY08
0820       MA07
0831       AL03
0850       NY17
0852       IL07
0853       MO03
0854       TX17
0855       UT01
0857       NJ02
0861       MN01
0862       LA04
0865       UT02
0879       LA04
0920       MD07
0942       VA04
0948       IN06
0949       MN01
0952       AL07
0956       WI04
0957       WI05
0961       MA01
0969       CA20
0971       TX30
0978       NJ02
0995       MI04
1011       MA02
1022       VA09
1029       NY04
1043       LA04
1044       CA31
1056       AR04
1060       CA04
1062       CA30
1067       CA04
1070       AL07
1084       MO03
1094       MA02
1101       IA03
1102       VA09
1108       MD07
1110       NY28
1126       OH11
1132       MI12
1134       MN01
1138       NJ01
1139       CA34
1141       MN01
1152       NJ02
1158       CA39
1160       AR04
1161       OR04
1168       VA03
1176       AL06
1182       TX02
1204       CA12
1210       AR04