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ANES Announcement: 2019 Pilot Study Data Available

Dear American National Election Studies (ANES) community:

The ANES 2019 Pilot Study dataset is now available for download from the Data Center on the ANES website at this location:

The intent of the ANES 2019 Pilot Study is to test new questions under consideration for inclusion in the ANES 2020 Time Series Study and to provide data about voting and public opinion in the early stage of the 2020 presidential primary campaign.

Respondents for the cross-sectional survey were selected from an opt-in (non-probability) Internet panel using sample matching. The resulting dataset includes 3,165 cases, of which 3,000 are weighted and intended to represent the population of U.S. citizens age 18 or older.

We hope that you will find this dataset useful for your work.  Feel free to send us any questions or feedback by email to: [email protected]

Best wishes,
The ANES project