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ANES Announcement: Updated Guide now finalized, with new charts added

September 20, 2022

Dear American National Election Studies (ANES) User Community,

Our thanks to those who tried out and provided feedback on the beta version of our reworked ANES Guide to Public Opinion and Electoral Behavior at:

We now consider the new Guide well-tested and have removed “beta” from its title and archived the old version. While doing so, we added another 38 altogether new tables, including, among others:

  • Which Party Would Best Handle the Most Important Problem
  • Economy Good or Bad
  • Favor/Oppose Increased Taxes on Millionaires
  • Federal Spending On Border Security
  • How Often Are Votes Counted Fairly
  • How Much Discrimination Against (various groups)

The new Guide now includes 225 charts in total. As a reminder, the new Guide also has the following:

  • Improvements to formatting, visualizations, and interactivity.
  • Presidential term indicators are displayed across the top of each chart.
  • The ability to break down charts by party identification, gender, education, race/ethnicity, age, south/non-south, and
    political knowledge, and often by a combination of two of those factors.
  • Area charts, in addition to line charts, where appropriate.

ANES currently hosts three exploratory tools under the Data Tools section on the ANES website at:
At that location, in addition to the Guide to Public Opinion, you will also find links to the ANES Question Search tool and the ANES Continuity Guide.

We hope you find these interactive tools helpful as you navigate and use the set of ANES data collections dating from 1948 to the present.

Thank you for your use of and support for the ANES!

Best regards,
The ANES project