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Annoucement: Propose questions for the 2008 ANES Time Series study

To: ANES Mailing List
From: Jon Krosnick and Arthur Lupia
Re: ANES Announcement: Propose questions for the 2008 ANES Time Series study
Date: September 14, 2007

As of September 14, 2007, the American National Election Studies is accepting proposals for questions to include in the 2008 ANES Time Series Study.

The heart of the ANES is its presidential year time series, of which this study will be the latest installment. The time series legacy is well known, having generated thousands of publications and serving as a model for election studies around the world. The study will consist of two face-to-face surveys with a nationally representative sample of the American electorate. One survey will be administered in the weeks before the United States presidential election in November 2008, and another survey afterwards with the same respondents. Data collection will be conducted by RTI International.

Design of the questionnaires for the 2008 ANES Time Series Study will evolve from proposals and comments submitted to the Online Commons (OC). The OC is an online system designed to promote communication among scholars and to yield innovative proposals about the most effective ways to measure electorally-relevant concepts and relationships. The goal of the OC is to improve the quality and scientific value of ANES data collections, to encourage the submission of new ideas, and to make such experiences more beneficial to and enjoyable for investigators.

The ANES Online Commons is now accepting proposals for the 2008 ANES Time Series study, and it will stop accepting new proposals at 3pm EST on January 15, 2008. This opportunity is open to anyone who wants to make a constructive contribution to the development of ANES surveys. Feel free to pass this invitation along to anyone who you think might be interested. We hope to hear from you!

Jon A. Krosnick and Arthur Lupia
Principal Investigators
American National Election Studies

P.S. As an alternative to the Online Commons, persons can also add content to the 2008 ANES Time Survey through our new “Bonus Minutes” program. This program allows the purchase of survey minutes at a rate that allows not only the addition of their questions, but the creation of additional public goods. For instance, ANES can use these funds to purchase additional minutes for survey questions proposed on the Online Commons that otherwise we would have been unable to accommodate. Persons who purchase ANES Bonus Minutes, subject to a proposal review process, guarantee that topics of this choosing are covered on the survey.

The ANES is funded by the National Science Foundation (